We treat you with respect. That means attending to your every need in the shortest possible time. We’re known by just about every blinds, drapes and shutters business in the UK and in lots of countries around the world.

That could be because we’ve been around since 2005. But perhaps it’s because of our reputation. We understand and address even the smallest needs of everyone working in your business. As a result, we’ve amassed extensive contacts and referrals in the industry.

Reshaping the industry

Our products reshape the industry. Recently, we’ve created a new mobile app – the first of its kind – that enables businesses to quote and process orders onsite using a mobile device. This advanced system is the result of feedback from our customer base and the skills of our software IT engineers.

We’re London-based, but treat all customers alike, regardless of time zone, and eliminate customer problems and over-deliver. If you need further development, we’ll find a way to implement it so that all our customers benefit.