Our invaluable experience has taught us to treat each customer with great respect by attending to their every need in the shortest possible time.

It’s true to say, every blinds and shutters business in the UK knows us, not only because of our 11 years’ experience, but also because we understand and address even the smallest needs of each individual working in a business

Customer service

And as such, our outstandingly responsive customer services team has built up an extensive array of contacts and referrals within the blinds and shutters industry both at home and abroad. Experience is one of the key factors that decide the skill level of an individual or an organisation.

Advanced system

We have recently created a new mobile app enabling companies to quote and process orders onsite using an Android device which is reshaping the entire industry. Listening to feedback from our customer base and the innovative skills of our expert software IT engineers has combined to enable us to engineer such an advanced system.